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Only Halo 2 Anniversary will Have Ranked Playlist at HMCC Launch

Don’t worry it isn’t that much of a deal. The developer 343 Industries have said in a Halo Waypoint post that for a temporary period of time you will have to make do with the Halo 2 Anniversary ranked playlist alone, rest will be added later on.

Saying that while the HMCC ranking system will imitate the Halo 2 leveling style, it has been built from the ground up, the matchmaking and ranking system across multiple games was complicated:

This is the first time we’ve built a Matchmaking and ranking system that will work across multiple games, and as a result, we’ll be rolling out ranking for each playlist post-launch, and will launch with one ranked playlist, Team Halo 2 Anniversary. As time goes on, we’ll be rolling out the official ranked version for each ranked playlist.

This means that while Halo 3 and Halo 4 will have ‘matchmaking underneath,’ they will not be launched with ranked playlists from day one. for each one of the games, ranked playlists will be added later on through patches.

Another point to note in the post was that 343 Industries might ‘reset ranks after launch to ensure that all player’s ranks are fair, consistent, and accurate’ if needed.

So what do you think, will it really be too much of an issue for you? Don’t you think that it is better to have a feature that has been incorporated properly instead of something that is given to you on day one but turns out to be buggy or broken?

Also, do let us know which ones of the playlists from among Halo Master Chief Collection would you actually prefer to play on? I bet the popular choice is going to be Halo 2 Anniversary.