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Goblins vs Gnomes Expansion Announced for Hearthstone

Goblins vs Gnomes is the first expansion pack for Blizzard’s popular card game ‘Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and will launch next month.

Taking center stage at the ongoing BlizzCon 2014, production director Jason Chayes said that for the game’s first expansion pack would be “going back to the beginning of Warcraft to the long-time rivalry between two races.”

We’re of course talking about Alliance being pitted against the Horde.

Goblins vs Gnomes will introduce “over 120 of the most dangerous cards you can imagine,” one of which will allow you to blow up your opponent with an explosive sheep. Another was revealed to be called Annoy-o-Tron, a 1/2 card with both Taunt and Divine Shield.

The developer will be sticking to the free-to-play model and allow players to earn the card packs through Arena mode. The expansion will also be purchasable using the in-game gold earned through daily wins.

It will be priced similarly to the standard card packs. The expansion is currently playable at BlizzCon 2014 so expect players to upload varying information on the different kinds of cards available.

In related news, Hearthstone will finally release for Android tablets in December.