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Free Little Big Adventure And Sale Marks French GOG Site

Online store GOG holds another promotion this weekend, called Vive La France. It features thirty titles from French companies at discounts that go up to 75%.

GOG holds the sale to lead in the creation of a French version of their site, in an effort to reach out to non-English speakers. No more using translate programs for you, mes amis.

Additionally, the Vive La France sale starts with a free game for all, not just French people. For the next 24 hours, you can get the classic Little Big Adventure for free.

Little Big Adventure sees the world from an isometric perspective. It uses some early 3D polygon-based characters and settings.

In the game, it’s possible to alter protagonist Twinsen’s behavior in four different ways. Switches from sporty to aggressive and so on allow the character to react to the world in specific ways.

If you’ve enjoyed that game, its sequel, Little Big Adventure 2, is discounted to just $1.49. It improves on visuals and some gameplay elements from its predecessor.

Other games we would recommend include Corsairs Gold, an open world seafaring sim the likes of Pirates!. Trading, naval combat, crew management; it’s a classic adventure in the search for personal glory.

For something more recent, there’s also Aarklash: Legecy from Cyanide Studios. It’s one of the company’s several roleplaying games, set in the Confrontation lore.

The Vive La France promotion runs on GOG until Tuesday, November 11. Feel free to let us know if you pick up a game or two from the sale.