Final Fantasy XV Free Roam Gameplay Video Shows the Wilderness

Recently, Square Enix has been pretty big on releasing videos for Final Fantasy XV. It has only been a couple of days of silence, and they have released another video.

This time, you are shown the free roam features of the game, which, in my opinion, are the best way to really embrace the beautiful world that they have created.

Above you can see the eight-minute long video where they are boasting of how huge the world is.

It starts off with a view of our characters traveling in a car overlooking impressive views of the jungles. Then they get off of the car and run into the fields and later into the jungle.

You get to see numerous aspects of the game’s wildlife ranging from the animals to the trees.

Past the four-minute mark, we see how the day turn into night and then experience some game in the night. Occasionally, an enemy would approach; you have the choice to fight or dodge and keep going on your way of course.

Final Fantasy XV has a beautiful, beautiful world if you ask me. Check out the video above and tell us what you think.