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The Division: Ubisoft Talks Weather, Customization and Decision Making

A recent interview saw the lead developers from Ubisoft Massive talk about The Division regarding the game’s frame rates, customization, skill sets and more.

Seeing that The Division boasts about combining a traditional shooting genre with RPG elements, design director Axel Rydby said that the game’s narration will give players many moments where they must make “snap decisions on how to deal with the situation.” This may or may not have an effect on the surroundings.

He also promised that Ubisoft would soon be revealing the game’s skills which are a core component of the game’s toolbox. From the start the studio wanted to give the player freedom to choose his own path and not be restricted in any way. Hence why The Division went with a classless approach.

Each skill has a tree with skill mods that boost core mechanics of the game like damage, health, etc. There are also other mods that completely change the nature of the skill like turning a turret into a flamethrower.

In the weapons category, each will have various customization slots that allow the player to change it in different ways. For example a new scope may be added that increase the potential to zoom or other values to increase critical damage.

Rydby also said that the gear can by customized similarly, both from a visual and gameplay perspective.

The Division’s dynamic weather system will also come into play and this will be explained more in detail in the days to come. Ubisoft wants the system to have an affect on gameplay. A severe snow storm may reduce visibility and would give an advantage to those who have pulse monitors for example.

Ubisoft however completely dodged the question on whether they were aiming for 60 fps from the start.

“At this point we have no further information to share, but please stay tuned for more updates,” said technical director Anders Holmquist.

You can go through the whole interview here where the developers also talk about the importance of DirectX 12 and other aspects.