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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Guide – Game Mode Tips and Strategy

Online Multiplayer has always been part and parcel of Call of Duty franchise and this year’s installment is no exception. In fact, with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Sledgehammer Games has taken Call of Duty franchise in a whole new direction.

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Tips

With a plethora of new additions and game-changing mechanics, Advanced Warfare offers a steep learning curve which is both fun and rewarding.

They say the best way to learn a game is by playing it. However, with loads of new additions, it is possible to miss a thing or two. This guide is solely dedicated to Multiplayer Mode and covers every important aspect there is to learn:

Tip: You can try out every gun, attachment, perk, scorestreak, and map against bots in Local Multiplayer. Mix up bots’ difficulty setting to get a near-realistic gameplay experience.

Supply Drops

Supply Drops are a new addition to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare which can be considered as the game’s Loot System. Supply Drops reward players with pieces of equipment and guns based on three rarities: Enlisted – Professional – Elite.

Supply Drops are earned by simply playing the Multiplayer Mode, completing Challenges/Operations, and participating in Clan Wars. The guns acquired from Supply Drops are not so different from regular variants and only contain camo and certain attachments.

Goodies earned from Supply Drops can also be redeemed to earn extra XP. This is a quick way of ranking up your character in Multiplayer Mode. In some instances, Supply Drops also deliver Orbital Care Packages containing a random perk or scorestreak.

Virtual Firing Range

Gone are the days when you checked random YouTube(rs) to see which weapons were the best. Virtual Firing Range is another new addition to Advanced Warfare and lets players test out their Build/Class/Loadout while they are waiting for a multiplayer match to begin.

The bots in VFR will prone, crouch, jump, and even use exo-movements to provide players a close-to-multiplayer experience.

Co-Op and Customizable Scorestreaks

This is again something which has never been seen in a Call of Duty title ever! Players can customize their scorestreaks in a number of ways to acquire additional bonuses at a higher cost.

One of these bonuses is the ability to let another player from your squad join you in controlling the scorestreak. Note that not all scorestreaks can be used in co-op mode. In fact, there are only a couple of scorestreaks which can be used in co-op mode.

Scorestreaks can also be customized to gain additional benefits at a higher cost. For instance, if a regular UAV costs 400 Points and lasts for 30 seconds, you can customize it to last for 45 seconds and conceal it from enemy radar for an additional 200 Points.

This is again something which we have not seen in any Call of Duty title until Advanced Warfare. Make sure to check our Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Scorestreaks Guide for more information.

Create an Operator

We saw this feature in some form back in Call of Duty: Ghosts, but this year’s installment brings it forward in full glory. ‘Create an Operator’ allows players to heavily customize their soldiers with a wide-array of available pieces of equipment and cosmetic items.

Like I have mentioned above, these items can be acquired from random Supply Drops that sometimes appear in Multiplayer Mode matches.

Exo-Suits – The Game Changer

With the exception of Classic Playlist, every player is equipped with Exo-Suit or Exo-Skeleton. It provides one with super-human strength and the ability to traverse through maps in faster and more efficient ways. Exo-Suits have completely altered the movement mechanics in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Now players can Boost Jump, Boost Dash, Boost Dodge, and even mix them up to confuse their opponents.

Moreover, there are different Exo-Abilities like Cloak, Stim, Ping, etc. If one wishes to be a successful player in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, mastering the Exo-Suits is the first step.

Make sure to check our Advanced Warfare Exo-Suits Guide for more information.

Directed Energy Weapons

There are many new additions in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare; one of which is the inclusion of Directed Energy Weapons. These weapons are categorized under Heavy Weapons (containing LMGs, HMGs, and DEW) and don’t require any ammo. However, these weapons can overheat with excessive usage and require cooling down.

Make sure to check our Advanced Warfare Weapons and Weapons Attachments guide for more information.

Pick-13 System

This is a slight modification of Pick-10 System used in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. In Pick-13 System; everything from scorestreaks, perks, primary/secondary weapons, to exo-abilities are included. This system is highly customizable and allows one to play without any perks or scorestreaks.

In contrast to this, players can take up to 4 scorestreaks with a Wildcard called Streaker. Experimenting with different combination of weapon, perks, exo-abilities and scorestreaks is highly recommended!

Weapons and Weapon Attachments

The decision of choosing a weapon is fairly simple: choose something which works best. But one thing that most of the people do not take into account is the map they are playing in. It’s extremely important to keep the map one is playing into consideration.

If one is playing on a map which favors CQC, there is no need to pick up a Sniper Rifle and run around like crazy. Similarly, in a map which favors long-ranged engagements, running around with Gung-Ho and Shotgun is not recommended at all; similar is the case with weapon attachments.

There is no need to force oneself to use a Red Dot Sight if one is comfortable with Iron Sights and vice versa. All in all, the idea is to get hang of different weapons and find the best ones that work well in different situation.

Combat Basics

ADS stands for Aiming Down Sight and is the act of aiming one’s weapon at a target. At medium-ranged to long-ranged combat, one can’t rely on hip-firing to take out a target and must ADS to achieve the goal.

One important thing to note is that during ADS, one can’t use Boost Dodge or Boost Dash. Furthermore, it’s extremely important to recognize the recoil pattern of certain weapon while ADS.

If ADS is better suited for medium-ranged and long-ranged combat, hip fire is the way to go in CQC. In hip fire, one doesn’t ADS and simply sprays the bullets without pressing the target button.

It’s particularly useful if one is running and cutting a corner to find an enemy on the other side. In such situations, ADS takes a longer time and chances of winning a gunfight are relatively low.

Melee Attacks
If one needs something faster than hip firing then a simple melee attack is the way to go. Unlike previous Call of Duty titles, melee attack is now a powerful punch that sends enemies flying backwards.

Unlike hip fire which can take out a target from a little distance, a melee attack must be executed while one is right in front of an enemy. Lastly, only a single melee attack is required to take out a target at close range.

Bullet Penetration
Penetration kills have always been in Call of Duty franchise. Heavy Weapons generally have more penetration capabilities than Assault Rifles or SMGs.

One can use Threat Grenades and several weapon attachments to know the exact location of an enemy and shoot through the cover. Penetration kills require wasting a lot of ammo so one needs to make sure to equip things like Extended Magazines and Scavenger.

Falling Damage Over Distance
There are weapons which lose damage output at large distances. For instance, Pistols and Submachine Guns. If a weapon require 3 shots to kill a target at close range, the number of shots will increase to 6-7 at long range.

Assault Rifles, Heavy Weapons, and Sniper Rifles don’t face much damage falloff at longer ranges, but SMGs and Pistols do. Shotguns, on the other hand, become completely useless at long-ranged combat.

This is quite straightforward, but there are a couple of things which should be kept in mind! First off, every weapon in the game has different reload times and secondly, there are quite a lot of ways using which one can speed up the reloading process. A few ways of reloading are provided below:

Empty Reload is the reload done when a clip is totally empty and takes the longest amount of time. Normal Reload takes a little less time than an Empty Reload and is done when a clip is partially filled.

Speed Reloading is done by double-pressing the reload button and speeds up the reload process at the cost of some lost ammunition.

Flinching When Shot
Every time one gets shot, one gets a little distorted vision decreased accuracy. These effects can be somewhat negated by a perk called Toughness, but it doesn’t ensures 100% flinch resistance.

Since one flinches after being shot, it’s a good idea to try and always get the first shot. Another way of negating flinch and winning gunfight at CQC is hip firing.

Exo-Movements and Exo-Abilities
These game changing mechanics are extremely important in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Moves like Boost Sliding, Boost Jumping, Boost Dashing, and Boost Dodging should be used extensively in multiplayer matches.

Destroying Scorestreaks
Scorestreaks in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare are powerful bonuses, but almost all of them can be destroyed using Secondary Launchers like The Stinger M-7 and MAAWS.

There are certain scorestreak modules which can be used to gain protection against Secondary Launchers like Orbital UAV. One needs to make sure that one is equipped with Blind Eye Perk before targeting enemy scorestreaks to make the process more effective and hassle-free.

Boost Slam
Boost Slam is a new ability in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, thanks to inclusion of Exo-Suits. A Boost Slam can be considered as an aerial melee attack. It’s executed by Boost Jumping into the air and pressing the crouch button.

If one lands directly on top of an enemy, one can kill the enemy with a single-shot. With a perk called Overcharged, Boost Slam gains additional power and the ability to stagger nearby enemies.

Recoil Management and Accuracy
Both of these things are directly related to each other. Recoil can be understood in terms of weapon’s sway while ADS firing. When fired continuously, recoil makes a weapon move from the original target and move in upward direction.

It’s extremely important to manage the recoil of a weapon; especially at long-ranged combat to stay on target and score the kill. There is a weapon attachment called Foregrip which drastically reduces the recoil of certain weapons.

Accuracy is also related to Mouse/Controller sensitivity. It’s always recommended to play on a higher sensitivity so as to get on the target faster than one’s enemies.

One should begin with the lowest possible sensitivity and then move towards higher sensitivities until the perfectly comfortable sensitivity. is achieved.

Multiplayer Game Modes

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare contains a plethora of new and old Multiplayer Game Modes including Hardpoint, Search & Rescue, and Momentum. Another new addition to the game is tie-breaker. If two teams draw a match, a final round is commenced in which both teams are required to complete an objective before the other team.

This is a new game mode which is somewhat similar to Capture the Flag. Both teams are required to grab a Satellite Drone and throw it in opponent team’s goalpost. Players receive 1 Point for scoring the goal and 2 Points for touching the goalpost.

Since the goalpost are aerial, using exo-movement (Boost Jump) is a must. One can target one’s teammates to pass the Satellite Drone and score a goal.

After acquiring the Satellite Drone, players lose the ability to fire, but receive additional armour in return. To use this thing as an advantage, one can pass the Satellite Drone to enemies followed by scoring a quick kill and grabbing the drone again.

Tip: Sometimes it’s better to avoid touching the goalpost for 2 Points because it makes one more vulnerable.

Team-play is extremely important in Uplink. It’s a wise idea to station a couple of players near the goalpost and use perks and exo-abilities which encourage better traversing through the maps.

Since everyone moves at an increased pace in Uplink, it’s recommended to skip investing in scorestreaks and place those points in stealth/agility perks and exo-abilities.

Momentum was first seen in Call of Duty: World at War titled as ‘War’. It can be considered as Domination with a couple of changes.

First, there is only one flag to capture at a time and secondly, killing enemies while capturing flag speeds up the capturing process. One needs to capture all enemy flags to win the game.

Capturing a flag in Momentum takes a significant long time which is sped up by killing enemies. Frags/Semtex is too common in Momentum; therefore, things like heavy shield and defensive perks are extremely important.

Trophy System might be able to help a bit but not in all situations.

Free For All
Like the name suggests, Free For All is all about saving oneself and killing everyone else. There is no team-play, no capturing a flag, and defending a goalpost. One’s task is to kill other players to score the maximum points and win the game.

There are no special strategies involved in winning a Free For All match. One can either move through the whole area and take out targets one by one or roam about a specific place and keep on killing those who approach the area.

Exo-Movements and scorestreaks also play an important role in winning a Free For All match. It’s better to stick to low-point scorestreaks with modules which make them AI-controlled.

Team Deathmatch
Team Deathmatch is simplest and the most basic game modes in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Similar to Free For All, there are no objectives to complete and the task is to kill enemies to score maximum points.

Aside from getting kills, one needs to lower the number of deaths as it can prove to be extremely disadvantageous for the whole team. There are a lot of different tactics one can use in Team Deathmatch.

First off, one should always try and fight near the friendlies and use small scorestreaks to provide support to the team. Exo-Movements and offensive perks are really important in a Team Deathmatch.

There aren’t many players who like to opt for stealth in a TDM so it’s better to use exo-abilities and exo-movements more often and use offensive perks like Gung-Ho and Lightweight.

Kill Confirmed
Kill Confirmed is almost similar to TDM but with a couple of minor changes. In Kill Confirmed; every time someone dies, one drops a Dog Tag on the location of death.

Allies or the person who scored the kill must grab the Dog Tag dropped by the enemy to confirm the kill and receive bonus points. However, if an enemy picks up the Dog Tag of a fallen ally, that enemy will negate the kill.

So one must score a kill and grab the Dog Tag to confirm the kill to reach a higher score for one’s team and win the game.

Unless one is playing with an organized team, it’s not recommended to play with long-ranged class since one will not be able to confirm the kills from a long range. Other than this, it’s almost identical to TDM.

Capture the Flag
In Capture the Flag, the whole is divided into two bases containing two flags. One’s task is CTF is to steal the enemy flag and bring it to one’s home-base to score a point. This is a classic game mode which has been in Call of Duty franchise for a longtime.

In addition to capturing the enemy flags, it’s extremely important that one defend one’s home-base flags. Similar to Uplink, it’s recommended to station a couple of players near the home-base flags to restrict enemies from capturing it.

As for the offensive players who need to capture the enemy flags, those should be equipped with offensive perks like Gung-Ho/Lightweight and must use Exo-Abilities extensively. There are some players who also stick to stealth in CTF, but I don’t really see the point of it.

Similar to Capture the Flag and TDM, Domination is another classic game mode in Call of Duty franchise. In Domination, there are three flags placed on the map and capturing these flags awards players with points.

The team that scores maximum number of points before the time expires, wins the game. Domination is a game mode which encourages constant action and struggle to capture three flags.

Usually, capturing and holding two out of three flags guarantees winning. There are many strategies which can be used in Domination. One can play defensively and rack up high-point scorestreaks by defending the flags or play offensively by capturing the flags for one’s team.

Flags are categorized as A, B, and C. Out of these three, A and C are relatively easier to capture and hold throughout the game, but B is where all the action takes place.

Most of the times, some players don’t even capture flags closest to their home-base and rush towards the B flag. Capturing and holding B flag early in the game also means victory most of the times.

Whether one wishes to be a slayer and drop bodies or capture flags for the team, I wouldn’t recommend using stealth-class for this game mode.

Hardpoint was first introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops II and when it didn’t make it to Ghosts, fans were extremely disappointed. The choice of most competitive Call of Duty players, Hardpoint has returned to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in its full glory.

In Hardpoint, there are many areas (which players need to control) called Hardpoints shift on the map at regular intervals. One’s task is to capture the Hardpoint and hold it for its entire duration.

If an enemy appears in the Hardpoint while one is holding it, a warning ‘Contested’ will appear on the screen. This warning indicates that an enemy is standing inside the Hardpoint even if one is unable to see the enemy.

Hardpoints keep on shifting from one place to another after regular intervals. It’s important to know where the next Hardpoint will be so that one can reach it well before time and capture it before enemies do.

Enemies use frag/semtex and other exo-launchers to a great degree; therefore, it’s important to be well-equipped for those.

Search & Destroy/Search & Rescue
Search and Destroy is another returning mode in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and offers three ways to win the game mode: plant the bomb and detonate it, defuse the bomb planted by enemies, or kill all players on the opposite team.

It’s divided across multiple rounds and players only get one life per round.

Stealth is one of the keys to win a Search and Destroy match. One should stick to perks and gear that provides situational awareness and conceals one from the enemy radar. I wouldn’t recommend using high-point scorestreaks or scorestreaks at all!

The points from scorestreaks should be invested in something more worthwhile. Exo-Cloak is one of the most widely-used ability in Search & Destroy.

Search & Rescue can be considered as a hybrid of Search & Destroy and Kill Confirmed. It’s played exactly like Search & Destroy, but enemies drop a Dog Tag after dying which must be picked up to confirm a kill.

If enemies pick up one of their allies’ Dog Tag, that player will respawn in the same round.

Gun Game and Infected
Both of these are Party Modes. In Gun Game, each time one scores a kill, one acquires a new weapon. The task is simple: keep on killing players and acquiring new weapons to make a higher score and win the game mode.

In Infected, players face a wave of Infected who gradually turn human-players into one of the infected. One’s task is to be the last soldier standing and keep as many infected as one can to score a high score and win the game mode.

Human-players are equipped with an Exo-Shield and an Explosive Drone while Infected are equipped with a Tactical Insertion and a Spike Grenade.

Found anything missing or confusing? Let us know in the comments below!