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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: Lack of Share Play Explained By Activision

PS4’s Share Play feature was added with system update 2.0. It was a feature many fans were excited about considering it allowed them to share their games with friends and family.

However, Sony stated that publishers/developers had the option to block this feature, and that’s exactly what Activision did.

The company deliberately blocked PS4’s Share Play features for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, leading to the anger and resentment from the fans.

The reason behind this decision was not revealed by the company until now, so before we start hating them for blocking it, it’s only fair to give them a chance to explain themselves.

Share Play is a new feature that was introduced as part of the recent PS4 firmware 2.00 update. Our engineers didn’t have access to it before it launched, so we haven’t had a chance to evaluate it to see how it will impact the experience across all modes of play.

If the Sledgehammer engineers didn’t have enough time to test out this feature and fully understand how it works, obviously they wouldn’t include it.

On the bright side, they haven’t denied the possibility of supporting this feature in the future so hopefully we will soon see Share Play enabled on Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.

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