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Battlefield 4 Is Back On Game Time, Try It Out For 7 Days

If for any reason, you missed out on Battlefield 4 “Origin Game Time” the first time, then don’t worry as EA is running another promotion allowing you to try it out for free.

The best part about this second coming is the time limit which lets you play the game for 168 hours, which totals up to seven days, and it is quite enough time to dive into different modes of the title.

However, you should keep in mind that after starting the game for first time, the time-clock will start, and it will not matter whether you are playing it or not, the game will automatically become unavailable after seven days.

All of your progress during these seven days will carry over to the full game, if you decide to make the purchase.

Apart from Battlefield 4, Respawn’s Titanfall is also available on Game Time, which you will be able to try out for a couple of days for free. Another great title, Kingdom of Amalur is available to play for 48 hours.

You can get more information on these titles and Game Time on Origin’s official page.

Are you looking forward to play Battlefield 4 till next week? Let us know in your comments!