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Zenimax Reveals Elder Scrolls Online Loyalty Reward

Developer Zenimax has revealed their six-month subscriber reward for The Elder Scrolls Online. The news was revealed in a post on the game’s official website.

The new six-month loyalty reward is a vanity pet based on Dwarven tech and is called Dwemer Spher.

According to the post, three-month subscribers will get High Hrothgar Wraith, and as soon as you are a paid six-month subscriber, you will receive Dwemer Spher.

In September, we began awarding everyone who reached three months of subscription time with the High Hrothgar Wraith, and we’re about to add another fun vanity pet to your collection: the Dwemer Sphere.You’ll receive the Dwemer Sphere soon once you’ve been a paid subscriber for six months.

The news of this reward has come just after the release of The Elder Scrolls Online update 1.5.2. The new update brought along a number of changes and improvements.

Most notably is the inclusion of Veteran City of Ash, which is an expansion of Dungeon City of Ash. Other highlights from the update include facial animation improvements, changes to Veteran Rank and more.

You can read all about it, by following the link here.

What do you think of this reward? Enough to get you interested for another six months? Let us know of your views and opinions in the comments’ section below!

Source: ESO