Xenoblade Chronicles X Gets Official Site, Twitter and Gameplay Trailer

The upcoming Wii U exclusive, Xenoblade Chronicles X is getting a full triple A title treatment, as Nintendo has launched a dedicated website and twitter account for the game, and both of them are showing an incredible concept art image for the upcoming title.

The first tweet from the developers assures the fans that they will keep on providing new information regarding the game, using this twitter profile.

[Announcement] We opened a “Xenoblade X” Twitter account. In this account we will distribute information on “Xenoblade X” in development for Wii U.

In addition to that, a new gameplay video has also been released which shows different environments, enemies and combat. Furthermore, it shows your home-base in Xenoblade Chronicles X, which is located in New Los Angeles and it is looking awesome. You can check it all out in the attached video above.

Apart from the story missions, the game will feature plenty of side-missions, favors and other activities that will keep the players busy for quite a long time.

Developers assure that the world of the upcoming title will be massive and players will be able to roam around freely.

Xenoblade Chronicles X does not have a fixed release date at the moment, but it is going to see the light of day sometime in 2015, exclusively for Nintendo Wii U.