Reload Studios Teased Their Unnamed VR Shooter

Are you a VR fanatic? You’re gonna love this one. Reload Studios teased their new shooter game, which is a virtual reality title.

The brief footage doesn’t reveal much, and the game isn’t even named yet. However, the concept of a VR shooter certainly has me excited. More details are expected to be shared soon by the developers.

There’s no doubt that Reload Studios will be able to deliver an amazing experience to us all as they are not short on talent.

This will be there first title but the development team consist of some industry veterans, who have previously worked on titles such as Call of Duty and Homefront.

The official website of his new studio went live earlier this year and revealed to the world that the studio is made of former Call of Duty producers, developers and artists.

Among the founders, is James Chung, who has worked on Call of Duty, and he brings along a person who has worked on 6 different COD games over the years, Taehoon Oh.

Other members include Pete Blumel, Hougant Chen and Nik Ranieri, who is an ex Disney animator known for his work on The Little Mermaid, among others.

Considering their talent and experience, expectations from this new title are high. Will they be able to deliver? Let us know of your thoughts and opinions in the comments’ section below!