Nintendo US Boss Discusses Third Party Companies, Customer Base Size

We all know how the recent years have been a little harsh on Nintendo, with most of the developers shying away from making games for them and even their own customer base being less on the newer generations.

However, the Nintendo US boss Reggie Fils-Aime sees light at the end of the tunnel. He was recently interviewed by Re/Code where the matter of third party companies and their customer base size were discussed among other things.

First off, he commented on how most of the developers preferred PlayStation or Xbox for making games on and about how Nintendo’s latest condition could change.

He said that the reason for the shift away from them was clearly, the larger install base, a ‘wide demographic footprint’ as well as a ‘robust connected environment’ where the developers could explore and experiment. However, their sales figures are improving and they are hopeful:

“[For] the Wii U business, year-to-date versus last year, our install base is almost doubled. We’re building that footprint for developers, with a range of games from Bayonetta 2 to Mario Kart. In the North American territory, just about every Wii U is connected to the Internet.”

Moving on, he dropped a line against PlayStation 4 and Xbox One titles saying that while he would love any of the blockbuster titles coming to Wii U.

He said they would want a ‘differentiated consumer experience,’ because ‘if you look at the other two competitive platforms, fundamentally, what’s the difference?’

That being said, Nintendo has shared a list of 12 titles recently that they are planning to release on Wii U in the next year. You might want to check them out too.