New Video Of GTA V Compares PS3 And PS4 Versions

The release of Grand Theft Auto V on Xbox One and PS4 is not very far away and Rockstar has released a new video to showcase the differences between last-gen and upcoming version of the title.

The video showcases PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions of GTA V running side by side so that the differences can be seen.

The detail that has been given to each and every object in the environment is extra ordinary. Apart from that, the draw distance has also been increased, giving more realistic feel to the game.

Furthermore, the upcoming version of GTA V will include new weapons, new animal species and the most talked about feature “first person mode.”

First Person Mode will not be limited to just shooting as you will be able to drive, fly and roam around in first person perspective.

Upcoming version of the game is looking a lot different than the last year’s release, which will definitely attract a large number of players back into the game.

The wait for GTA V is almost over as it is set to arrive on November 18 for Xbox One and PS4. The PC fans will have to wait till late January to get their hands on the game.

Are you looking forward to play GTA V once again?