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Mass Effect 4 Developer Roundtable Called on N7 Day

Hasn’t it been a while since BioWare talked about Mass Effect 4? Combine that with news that they have called a developer roundtable streaming on the upcoming N7 Day, and I think we will know that something really interesting is coming our way.

The official Twitter profile of the game received a post from the developers stating that fans should join them on this Friday, November 7 at 10AM PST ‘for an N7 day developer roundtable.’

N7 Day is tomorrow, which means you better update your to-do list right away. The event is going to be streamed on the official Twitch channel of BioWare. Bookmark this for the livestream.

Now, they didn’t specifically say that Mass Effect 4 was going to be discussed or that we should expect a reveal in that regard, but I can’t help but wonder what could be a more suitable time to fill the fans in on something juicy about the next installment in the famed series.

After all, it is a day that celebrates their tradition!

If you are not a Mass Effect fan you wouldn’t know about the N7 Day; it is actually November 7 when developers and fans of the series celebrate the game’s anniversary. Mostly the day is passed with in-game offers as well as online events.

Even this year, BioWare plans festivities ranging from online events, in-game rewards, behind-the-scenes peeks, N7 Day exclusive assets, and of course the developer Roundtable they just announced.

We suggest you keep an eye out for any new details that BioWare might roll out regarding Mass Effect 4 on the N7 day roundtable. If for some reason you aren’t able to do so, just come back here and we will fill you in on any new developments that surface.