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Final Fantasy XIV’s Steam Free Trial Will Run For Two Weeks

Square Enix has announced a free trial for its critically acclaimed Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn MMO, which begins today and will last for the next two weeks.

This is a perfect opportunity for those who have yet to try out the realm of Eorzea and experience the joy, or pain, brought to over 2.5 million players worldwide. Simply head over to the game’s Steam page now and download the trial version.

Note that if you wish to continue beyond the trial period, you’ll have to purchase the full version of the game, which in turn comes with a 30-day free subscription. Beyond that is a monthly subscription.

According to the announcement, the free trial will come with some limitations. For starters, players will only be able to take their characters to a maximum level of twenty. Other limitations come in the form of limited in-game activities and access.

However, most of these are simply trivial elements that will not be of any major concern to you seeing that you’ll only be leveling up to the twenty mark.

The game’s latest patch introduces a new Rogue class, three new dungeons, a new battle against the primal Shiva, and several other quests and quality of life improvements.