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The Curse of Fanboyism and Intolerance In Gaming Industry

We all share one common passion, video games. Every week we spend hours playing, writing or reading about games and with every new piece of announcement, we get highly excited.

I have been a gamer for almost 15 years now and apart from it being my passion, I am lucky enough to have been writing about video games.

Something that has really concerned me over the years is the increasing amount of intolerance some of us have for opinions and views of our fellow gamers.

Daily, I see people all over the Internet, abusing each other and threatening, only because they don’t agree with someone’s opinion regarding a game or the hardware they have chosen to play their games on.

Indeed, the most common source of heated debates over the Internet is PlayStation vs Xbox vs PC. Which one has better hardware? better games? better sales? It just has no end to it.

Online Publications all over the Internet have their comments section filled with heated debates and to me, it just doesn’t make sense. Why are these people so angry? Why are they arguing? And over what? Everyone has a right to have his/her opinion. I don’t really understand the behavior.

The need to prove that your machine, your games and the company you have pledged loyalty to, is far superior is just getting out of hand. There is nothing wrong in stating your opinions or favoring a certain game or console, but the problem starts with the lack of tolerance we have for the opinions of others.

And people like this just seem incapable of having a sensible debate, and it becomes really hard to just ignore them, because they don’t let you. What I am trying to point out here is that we (gamers) have somehow lost the ability to tolerate and respect others.

The worst form of this behavior is the threat of violence. Often we see some people giving life threats to critics, developers, writers and publishers. How far will this go? What can we do to stop it?

It’s not ok to be abusive, or show violent behavior towards someone due to a difference in the opinion. Sadly, I see this only getting worse moving forward.

And it’s not just gamers, some online publications are also responsible for fueling fanboy wars by writing certain articles just to heat things up and get as many clicks as possible.

Although Microsoft and Sony became a good example of mutual respect on the launch of Xbox One and Playstation 4. I was really impressed when both Microsoft and Sony congratulated each other on the launch of PS4 and Xbox One.

Yes, healthy competition in the market is a good thing as it gets us consumers a lot of benefits but toxic behavior and complete intolerance are things that do more harm than good. I just hope that people stop this negative approach and be a part of a community that we can all be proud of.

I am really interested in what you guys have to say about it. Do you think that tolerance is something most of us lack, or it should stay the way it is?