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Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Secret Seed Codes

Binding of Isaac recently got re-released as Binding of Isaac: Rebirth which featured a new game engine, redesigned artwork, a new soundtrack as well as a new seed system in game which allows players to share their randomly generated world with other players.

Seeds can be shared as well as modified using special codes which alter the gameplay such as making the sprite disappear or add a filter to the game which makes it look like an arcade game.

The regular seed codes which players can use to share their world with others are generated at the start of each level; we have however a list of the special codes which players can enter by pressing Tab in the character selection menu for their corresponding effects.

Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Secret Seed Codes

Be warned though, inputting these seed codes disable achievements which can be seen by the golden cup marked in red on the left side of the screen.

  • BASE MENT: turns every floor in to the basement.
  • BOOB TOOB: applies a filter to the game screen which makes it look like an arcade machine.
  • BRWN SNKE: Isaac leaves behind a trail of poop as he walks.
  • BL1N DEYE: all enemies in game become invisible.
  • FART SNDS: game sound effects are replaced with fart noises.
  • SLOW 4ME2: as long as Isaac is standing still, everything else moves in slow motion but speeds up as soon as he starts walking.
  • CAMO K1DD: player sprite is replaced by a brown colored shadow, almost similar to the floor color making it look invisible.
  • KAPP A: characters spawn grey similar to the Twitch tv emote.
  • CHAM P1ON: spawn chance of special enemies is increased.
  • PTCH BLCK: Isaac and his tears turn black.
  • DRAW KCAB: movement and firing controls are inverted.
  • PEE: Isaac can walk through stones and a Zelda styled 2D hidden room gets added in Basement 1.
  • ITSA SECR: a hidden Zelda like 2D side scrolling room gets added to the game.
  • KEEP AWAY: pick ups mimic player movement.
  • DYSL EX1C: in game text is re-arranged.

If you know of any more seeds, be sure to share them below.