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Advanced Warfare Grenadier and Deadeye Achievement / Trophy Guide

Played the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare campaign? If you are an achievement hunter you might already have all the campaign related ones or you might be struggling on some of them.

The Deadeye and Grenadier achievements in the Atlas Training Range come to mind when talking about frustrating achievements.

You need to get an “Excellent” score in both the gun and the grenade range for these achievements. While Deadeye can be easy, Grenadier is pretty challenging with the constant switching between different grenade types.

Well with this guide, players can easily nail down both these achievements. For Deadeye, players have the choice to pick any weapon they want.

The best one in this case is the Atlas-45 pistol since it has a small reload time and single shots mean players can easily shoot targets without accidentally hitting the civilians.

Players are allowed to miss a maximum of two enemy targets across all 3 stages, any more and they lose the chance of getting an excellent score. Overdrive should be used as soon as the prompt is given as it really helps in shooting targets moving behind civilians.

With the Deadeye achievement done, players can move on to the grenade range for Grenadier. Now the best way to do this achievement is to forget about all the tactical grenades like Flash and EMP as well as the Frag grenade.

Contact and Smart grenades are the really useful ones here. One smart grenade can take down a group of drones or 2-3 enemies at once.

Contact grenade is also useful when enemies are rushing in or hiding behind cover as they explode upon impact. These should however be used only on targets close to the players.

A Threat grenade might be required once in a while to kill the enemies behind cover in the building, so players should do that as soon as possible and finish those enemies with a gun and keep on using smart grenades on enemies in the open.

Well I hope after going through this guide you were able to get the much wanted achievements and complete your collection.

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