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PS4 Getting Update 2.01 to Fix The Rest Mode Issue

Sony’s PlayStation 4 has been suffering from multiple issues since the firmware update 2.0 went live a week ago, and although some of the problems have been fixed, there are still some that are ruining the experience for the users.

To address the remaining issues, Sony will release the software update 2.1.

The rest mode problem is quite annoying as its usage is wiping out the whole system data and in some cases, it is even bricking the console.

So, until the PS4 software update 2.01 is released, we suggest that you completely shut down your console or you can use this workaround, which has worked for a lot of players but obviously, it is not a permanent fix.

Apart from the problems, the firmware 2.0 update for PS4 brought a lot of demanded features to the console including the Shareplay virtual couch, which lets you share the game with your friend online and he/she don’t even need to own the game. Other features include USB Media Player, ability to pause download, theme support and a lot more.

We will keep you updated on this matter as soon as Sony reveals more.