Project Nimbus Channels Zone of the Enders On Early Access

Publisher Kiss Ltd is known for an eclectic library and its latest entry on Steam is one that counts. Today, Project Nimbus will arrive on Early Access and provide players with a high-action mech title.

Visuals in Project Nimbus see a main character shoot around in a humanoid, flying robot with a cel-shaded skin, while tons of futuristic, translucent points indicate enemy forces in the distance.

There are also some angular interiors full of metal beams and generic, minimalist cities to go through. Characters are drawn in standard anime style.

Battles feature swerving dogfights with fleets and enemy robots. It’s possible to dodge around in rapid fashion around enemies or pile up several targets at once for projectile salvos.

There’s also a giant aircraft floating around in the sky that can be shot down. Boss fights introduce even more extravagant mechs with metal wings.

By now, your Zone of the Enders radar should by lighting up like a beacon, because that’s exactly what this game is, were it in a less shiny version. Some effects are a bit too plain, though it does give it the old college try.

At the start of the year, Project Nimbus managed to complete a modest Kickstarter campaign, where the game asked for £6,000. It strangely put up the event through publisher Kiss, who eventually acquired enough funds for an extended campaign.

In the Early Access version of the game, there are 7 missions and a survival mode with wave-based gameplay. For the full release of Project Nimbus, the campaign will collect 27 missions and support Oculus Rift.