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PlayStation 4 Update 2.01 is Now Live! Addresses Rest Mode Bug

As we reported earlier, a lot of PlayStation 4 users have been facing a disastrous Rest Mode bug that was causing a ruckus among all. Sony had confirmed a while earlier that they will be releasing a PlayStation 4 update to address the issue ‘soon.’

However, they didn’t say that by ‘soon’ they meant only a couple of hours later.

The PlayStation 4 Update 2.01 is rolling out as we speak and it is promising to get rid of the rest mode bug for good. In the recent hours if you have not used your console and kept it off, turning it on will start the automatic download right away.

In total it will take around 271.2MB of your hard disk space which isn’t much in return for getting rid of something that has annoyed a lot of us.

The said bug was actually caused by the previously release update 2.0 where people couldn’t get their console out of the rest mode.

Before the PlayStation Update 2.01 players had to either shutdown the console completely and turn it back on or they had to pull the plug on it and endure the system check.

It’s been a while since people have been trying wayarounds to the problem, its good that Sony is trying to sort out the problems of their users finally, and I am sure they will be well appreciated for this.

That being said, have you been experiencing the same problem recently? If so, have you downloaded the PlayStation 4 Update 2.01? let us know if it fixed the rest mode bug or not.