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Madden NFL 15 Gets Player Likeness Update on PlayStation 4

Fans of American football couldn’t ask for anything better to do when they are home than taking the couch and playing something like Madden NFL 15 all day long.

The game was released to pretty positive critic reviews as well as a much higher approval rating among the fans in general. However, developers EA Tiburon have continued to work on improving the game quality even after the release.

For instance, they released a new update to the game’s PlayStation 4 version that will address how your favorite players look in the game. The said player likeness update is going to improve the resemblances between the in-game players with their real life players.

In total there are over 150 players in Madden NFL 15 that the update will attend to and for the sheer number of character models to address, the size of the update is a good 500MB.

Also, the update is completely free as detailed in a post on PlayStation US Blog by Grace Chen the senior director of PlayStation Store. So make sure you download the patch and get your installation up to date before you try out the next match up.

Do let us know how much of a difference did the player likeness update make to the in-game players’ looks.

Madden NFL 15 has been developed for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The game was released in North American region on August 26, 2014 followed by the release in the European Union region on August 29, 2014.