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GTA Online and GTAV Both Have First Person Mode: Rockstar

Only recently Rockstar has announced that the latest iteration of their multibillion dollar seller, Grand Theft Auto 5 was going to give you what many have dreamt for a long time: a first person mode.

According to a post on the official Rockstar Newswire website, the developers have confirmed that the feature is not only going to be available on GTAV but also on GTA Online.

Talking about features that they have incorporated into the first person perspective, the developers said that:

Available in both GTAV and GTA Online, we’ve made a host of changes to accommodate this new perspective, including the creation of an optional first person cover system, a new targeting system, a more traditional FPS control scheme, and integrating thousands of new animations into the existing game.

It’s also available at the touch of a button so you can easily switch back and forth between perspectives.

That is not the only news that they confirmed; the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of GTAV has been confirmed to run at 1080p and 30FPS while the PC iteration is going to be 4K compatible.

As far as I can see, this ups the stakes by a whole new level. Instead of just a technical upgrade, Rockstar is now giving us a completely different way to play the game and I am sure this is going to renew the interest among many of us.

It will be fun to see how much can the first person mode change the experience for both GTAV and GTA Online.

Release date of GTAV/ GTA Online on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is November 18 i.e. less than a fortnight away while the PC version is slated for a release on January 27 next year.