GoD Factory: Wingmen Goes eSports With ESL Deal

One of publisher Bandai Namco’s indie titles, which it picked up, has announced a partnership with some major networks. Multiplayer game, GoD Factory: Wingmen, will work together with eSports company ESL.

This partnership benefits the game in multiple ways. First off, the community can expect weekly tournaments, which yield real prize money.

Additionally, ESL will use its influence to bring more attention to the title currently flying under the radar. Professional gamers will be brought in to look at GoD Factory: Wingmen and live streams will be set up.

ESL will gradually move in with some small tournaments at first, where it will assess if the game fits their long-term plans. Moreover, pro gamers will use their knowledge to provide feedback.

This means that GoD Factory: Wingmen could see some balance changes shortly, to benefit its eSports flavor. There has always been a strong connection to competitive play in the game.

GoD Factory: Wingmen is an action shooter at heart, but with ties to the arena genre. Player builds can be customized to fit a certain theme, which can later be upgraded through fast leveling designs.

Additionally, GoD Factory: Wingmen is played on one map, which has distinct routes and structure points, similar to lanes. As such, the game’s critical aspects stand or fall on solid teamwork, all the way down to a coordinated attack on its core, which wins the game if destroyed.

In the near future, GoD Factory: Wingmen could also receive new maps, as this has been requested by the community. Other improvements include a reconnection system and lobby features.