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Get Glacier White PlayStation 4 for £299.97 at GameStop UK!

Just as we close in on the holiday season and all the festivities that beget awesome discounts, different retailers are coming up with their offers slowly and steadily.

This doesn’t mean that the discounts we are already getting wouldn’t be good enough. For instance, there is an offer being made at GameStop UK where you can get your hands on the scarcely sold Glacier White PlayStation 4 for a price tag as low as £299.97!

This is the first time that this version of the console has been sold for below £300 in the region!

If you compare the offered price with the original price of the Glacier White PlayStation 4 in the UK, it shows you that you will be saving as much as £49 on the purchase. The usual price is normally around £349.

What’s more, the £299.97 price tag is even lower than the normal price of a standard black PlayStation 4 which is currently being sold for £329.97 on the same retailer who is offering he discounted white PS4.

Parallel to this, we had reported on a new PlayStation 4 bundles that is being sold this Black Friday. The first one gets you the console alongside a copy of GTA5 and The Last of Us Remastered. On the same website, an Xbox One bundled with Assassin’s Creed Unity and Assassin’s Creed Black Flag was also listed.

There will be many more discount offers coming down your way in the near future so you will have a lot of choices. However that doesn’t mean this Glacier White PlayStation 4 is anything you can simply ignore!