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Free Legendry Gear Being Sent out to Select Destiny Players

We reported yesterday that the upcoming DLC pack for Destiny, The Dark Below was going to bring you free content. However, Bungie isn’t done with doling out freebies yet; a selection of players is being gifted with free Legendary Gear items for no specified reason.

Even you might have received your share if you are lucky, but you wouldn’t know that if you have not been away from the Tower and/ or your registered email address.

We have picked up word that the developer has sent our emails to all the lucky Guardians stating that you should pay a visit to the Postmaster in the Tower as a gift is waiting for you there.

The gift in question is pretty exciting being a new legendary piece of armor that will help you increase your light level.

Regular Destiny players would be happy to know that once you have reached the level cap of 20, every bit of light you can get your hands on is precious as this is the way you can continue to upgrade your character’s level even further.

Not to forget, in Destiny the legendary gear at that level is pretty hard to come by.

Here’s what the email says:

The Tower factions have recognized your contributions to Humanity’s struggle. To help you continue your fight beyond Level 20, their emissaries have issued you a piece of Legendary Armor. You legendary awaits. Visit the Postmaster now to equip your new armor.

It is indeed true that progressing further from level 20 is something Bungie should have paid more attention to; or at least explained it better. Maybe drops like this would address the problem – if accompanied by some more attention to ease the problems that some of the level 20+ players are facing in the same respect.


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