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Football Manager 2015 Demo is Now Live on Steam

The latest iteration in the football management simulation series, Football Manager 2015 is bound to hit the racks in two days’ time. While the fans wait for the final release, Sega has sweetened the pot by releasing the Football Manager 2015 demo!

Naturally, the demo is available for all but you will need a Steam account in order to get your hands on it. If you do, head straight to the game’s Steam page and click the ‘download PC demo’ button on your right.

When the Football Manager 2015 demo downloads, you will be able to try out the game for a long as six in-game months. During that time, you can test your skills at managing England in full simulation while the Football Manager Classic mode has greater choices; you get to pick one team between Italy, Spain and England.

Also, you can get your hands on two Quickstarts along with 57 others that are there on Steam. Just head to the Collections tab by going to the in-game Steam Workshop and get the Complete Demo Collection as well as additional leagues.

These collections will take up around 1.2GB of your space.

Last but not the least; you may head to this FAQ section if you have any queries regarding the game or the demo.

As it was with previous installments in the series, Football Manger 2015 has been developed by Sports Interactive. The game is set for a release to Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux on November 7. It is also being developed for Android and iOS although no release date has been shared in that regard so far.

So download the Football Manager 2015 demo and then let us know what your impressions are for the title.