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Fallout: Shadow of Boston Trademark Filled, What Could it Be?

Is the wait finally going to come to an end? Are we closing in on an announcement for the next Fallout game? Maybe! Hope has been revived once again, as Bethesda files a trademark in Germany for something called, Fallout: Shadow of Boston (yes they did!).

Spotted by a neogaf user, the trademark was filed by Bethesda on October 27, at the German Patent and Trademark office.

The trademark describes the product as:

“computer game discs; Downloadable computer game programs; Computer games program downloaded via the internet”.

It is unclear at the moment if this is a video game or a tv show, as product description also states “Auditioning for tv game shows”. Maybe both?

There have been rumors before regarding a Fallout game being set in Boston and this trademark filing gives weight to that.

Back in 2012, it was said that Bethesda Softworks is apparently “scoping out and researching Boston” but developers have kept their mouths shut so far.

You know what they say, where there’s smoke there’s fire. Hopefully, we will hear something official and as soon as we do, we’ll let you know.

So what is your take on this? Will be soon hear the announcement of a new Fallout title? Share with us in the comments below!