Eve Online Phoebe Update Is Now Live, Brings Several New Additions And Changes

The highly anticipated Phoebe update for the famous MMO, EVE Online has been deployed and it brings a lot of new changes to the game.

The executive producer on EVE Online, Andie Nordgren seemed pretty excited about the release of this new update:

The constant evolution in the universe and the collaboration between players are what makes EVE truly unique. With Phoebe we have purposefully started to make changes where we don’t necessarily know the outcome, making it an exciting time to play EVE.

Phoebe lifts the 24-hour start time limitation for the characters skill queue, which allows the players to map out and train skills to shape up their gameplay for the future.

From now on, players will also be able to sell multiple items at once, which previously was not possible.

Furthermore, the notification system has been made fully configurable, which will help the players in attaining the information that they want.

A new module called Higgs Anchor has also been added with this update and it will come in handy for the low-end wormhole usage and miners.

In addition to the aforementioned additions and changes, Phoebe brings a lot of other stuff to the game, which you can check out in detail in the attached video above.

What is your take on the Phoebe update?