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The Division Beta, Parity and Downgrading Discussed by Ubisoft

Ubisoft Massive might not be willing to share a lot of details about the exact date in 2015 when they will release the upcoming iteration in Tom Clancy’s series but they sure are opening up with every passing day.

Just like now, they discussed the dropped massive hints on The Division Beta version through an interview.

When asked about the possibility of the game getting an alpha or a beta phase, Head of Communications and IP Developer at Massive, Martin Hultberg was bold enough not to deny anything:

We have a long experience in doing online games dating back to Ground Control and World in Conflict and I think that the chance to involve people to test [the game] is very important. And I suspect we will release more details on the possibilities for public tests later on.

Moving on Hultberg talked about how they didn’t believe in downgrading the game for any platform simply to get the common denominator. While he said that downgrading was actually a weird term to use, he did say that they wanted to develop a game that worked on the best that each platform could provide.

Obviously that means we are still going to see a difference between the Xbox One version of the game and the PlayStation 4 version of the game.

As expected, he shrugged off specifics regarding the release of the game saying that they haven’t even specified if the game would be release in the first half of 2015 or the second half. This means that our chances at getting a release date for The Division beta are minimal at least now.

So, would you be trying out The Division beta version when it comes out?