Civilization: Beyond Earth Stations Guide – Discovery, Trading, Bonus

Stations in Civilization: Beyond Earth are neutral structures that produce power and resources in the world. They come in different forms – they can be mines, laboratories, and other organizations that are independent of any colony.

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Civilization: Beyond Earth Stations

Each type of station produces a different set of resources that could greatly aid any colony that sets up a trade route with them, which is primarily the biggest benefit and purpose of Stations.

Because of their geographical strategic importance and the ease of establishing trade routes with them, Stations are heavily scrutinized by most colonies.

Stations will either appear right from the start of the game or will pop up on the map gradually as your campaign progresses. When a station appears, you will get a notification about its name and the yield it provides, and the map will zoom in to its location.

You can then send an explorer or military unit to that station to set up a clear path from your city to that station. Once a clear path is established, the station will become an option when you set up a Trade Route.

Trading with Stations
Stations are extremely important for you and other rival colonies because they are an easy means to providing bonuses. This can help you prioritize certain stations that would help in balancing deficiencies in any area.

Initially, trading with Stations will yield less bonuses as compared to trading inter-city or with other colonies. However, Stations tend to improve if you invest in them, so if you are persistent and committed to a specific station, the more you trade, the higher its tier will get. A higher tiered station will yield much larger bonuses than any other trading system.

Stations are especially good for colonies and cities looking for Culture, as it is a resource that cannot be traded between cities or colonies.

Note that stations that are not traded with for a certain duration will eventually disappear to other worlds, so if you discover one that might be important to you, make sure you send in units to secure the station and establish trade routes with it as quickly as possible.

Geographic Importance
Stations don’t expand like cities, nor do they have any realistic border; usually they take up one tile, and depending on where that tile is, it can sometimes be bit of a nuisance.

If a station is close to your colony, it can become a somewhat annoying problem as it will prevent you from expanding. The three-tile restriction still remains, and stations can deny you the space to expand your city further.

If such a station does come in your way, you can destroy it with your military forces. This has certain upsides and downsides. The upside is that specific tile being freed, and you get a yield bonus from taking the station, and a derelict settlement artifact is also left behind.

The downside is that if there is any rival colony trading with that station, they will become angered and your diplomatic relations could sour. Avoid attacking stations that are far away from your territory for this very reason, unless you are planning to strategically deny your rivals the bonuses.

Strategic Importance
Stations have very good strategic importance as they give a good boost to your colony’s yield. However, an aggressive rival may not be willing to give you such a luxury, and may choose to attack a station you are trading with.

For this reason, you should always have a small military unit defending your station to prevent attacks from rivals. It may sound like a waste of military resources, but these units can always be called away at a time of war.

You can also play the other side of the coin and attack stations that rivals are trading with, especially if your diplomatic relations with them are already bitter. This can be a good strategy during times where you feel that war is inevitable in the near future. You can infiltrate trade units to get bonus Energy, and deny your rival the trade yields.

Station List

Adept Blue
2 Food, 2 Science

Banu Musa
4 Science

Camp Cascade
2 Food, 2 Energy

Church of Dawn’s Light
1 Food, 3 Culture

Far Base One
2 Science, 2 Energy

Fort Barca
2 Production, 2 Energy

Golden Bell Temple
1 Food, 2 Culture, 1 Energy

3 Food, 1 Culture

Jinsoku Labs
2 Science, 2 Production

2 Culture, 2 Science

4 Culture

New Babylon
2 Culture, 2 Energy

4 Food

4 Culture

Red Sun
4 Energy

1 Culture, 2 Science, 1 Production

Stet Mining
4 Production