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Atari Casino Turns Arcade Classics Into Real Money Gambling Games

Publisher and once iconic brand name Atari has announced the introduction of Atari Casino, a gambling network with real money wagers involved. It will use its portfolio of classic arcade titles to turn these into casino-style games.

Arcade classics involved in this new venture include Asteroids, Star Raiders, Centipede and Pong. There’s some explanation in the announcement to go over how these games of chance will work:

In the Asteroids’ scratcher game, players can blast asteroids out of the sky and turn them into valuable gems.  In the Star Raiders slot game, players can play 25 pay lines with upgrade to 243 lines on Free Play Battle Mode and try their luck in an intergalactic experience filled with flying space crafts, lasers and cosmic fun.

Each classic casino reimagining will be available through the Pariplay network, which is a company Atari pairs up with to handle the gambling part. Pariplay specializes in games of chance that use real money.

Atari Casino is one of several desperate attempts of a long-troubled company to stay afloat in the current market. Since its inception, the company has been chopped up and sold several times, with its last bankruptcy filing dating back to just last year.

For some perspective: Atari recently adapted some of its games for fast food restaurant Denny’s. It turned Asteroids into Hashteroids, Centipede in Centipup and Breakout to Take-Out.

Atari is also bringing back Haunted House and Alone in the Dark on Steam. Both will receive a modern adaptation and can be preordered right now.