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Is Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Banned in South Korea?

This might upset some of us. We are getting reports that people who purchased Call of Duty Advanced Warfare in South Korea are having trouble getting to the multiplayer.

There are many who claim that this is actually a ban, which in the case of South Korea wouldn’t be something new. Previously they had banned Alien: Isolation for no arguably justifiable reason.

On top of that, Advanced Warfare does show Seoul being attacked by North Korea so yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if Park Geun-hye took it to her heart.

However, when a big game like this one releases people are jumping the gun every now and then about the tiniest of things, let’s not do that here.

Parallel to the rumors that the game might have been banned by the government, there are other reports (word of mouth to be honest), that suggest the game was supposed to be region locked in South Korea until November 7.

People are saying that the game was unlocked for the Day Zero Edition on November 3 but was locked again and has been kept that way so far.

A Reddit user says that Advanced Warfare doesn’t connect to Steam after launching and is nowhere to be found on the Steam Store either. While the person is still able to play the single player mode, without Steam connectivity and multiplayer he believes it is not worth the money spent.

To make the matters worse, the developers have kept their lips zipped on the matter which leaves us and the rumor mill to figure out (or create) what could have been the reason for the issue.

We will get back to you on this when Sledgehammer has an official word.