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World of Warcraft Expansion Eye of Azshara to be Revealed at Blizzcon: Rumor

Reddit users are currently in frenzy over rumors off an alleged World of Warcraft expansion pack called Eye of Azshara. Blizzard doesn’t stop surprising us, but then again who knows if this is actually Blizzard or just a rumor.

What happened was that someone took to Reddit with a pretty extensive post where they detailed an alleged expansion pack claiming that Blizzard was all set to reveal it at Blizzcon and that it would be out in the first quarter of 2016.

The guy also shared quite a lot of alleged story details for the World of Warcraft expansion Eye of Azshara:

Eye of Azshara will be the ‘South Seas’ expansion players have hoped for. Nazjatar will rise from the ocean and Queen Azshara will begin an assault on Azeroth. New zones will include Nazjatar, Zandalar, the Rift of Aln, and Kul’Tiras. The Alliance will ally with a faction of uncorrupted highborne seeking to usurp their former leader, the Horde with a disgruntled Naga tribe. (These are not playable races, but NPC factions)

He said that they were making the reveal now because they want to ‘bring Warcraft franchise into the next decade’ with Hearthstone and another unannounced PVP game.

He also said that they had lost subscriptions when MoP ended and so they want to introduce the new expansion to regain the community’s faith. The person looks pretty well informed saying that the release had been strategically planned 4 to 6 months after the last patch of Warlords of Draenor would go out.

If his claims are true, the reveal will come during a celebratory video commemorating the franchise’s 10 years where Martin Sheen would narrate the story while acting in character as Nozdormu.

All this either seems elaborately fabricated or pin point accurate. However there is more, Blizzard have also registered a trademark for the term Eye of Azshara.

You join the dots yourself.