What’s Up With Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Funeral Scene?

Single player campaigns over the years in Call of Duty games have somewhat become mediocre and every time a new installment comes out; I just jump right into its multiplayer, without caring much about the single-player campaign.

However, being a huge fan of Kevin Spacey, his involvement intrigued me and after a long time, I was excited by the thought of going through the single player mode of a Call of Duty game.

During my playthrough, early in the game, I came across a funeral scene in which we can see (protagonist) Jack Mitchell attend the funeral of his best friend. At first, I thought this will be a cut scene, so I put down my controller and leaned back to take in every detail.

However, little did I know; this was QTE (quick time event) and suddenly a massage prompted “Hold X to Pay Respects.”

If you choose to hold the button, you will see Mitchell putting his right hand on the casket for a few seconds before walking away. I just couldn’t understand why a QTE was put in place.

Usually, Players just follow around an NPC from one location to the other, not having much involvement in the story. Is this Sledgehammer’s attempt to change that? Maybe.

It’s funny and meaningless but surely this QTE has brought the game a lot of free publicity because players all over the Internet are talking about it and trying to make sense of its QTE section.

All in all, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is a step in the right direction for the series and is a must have experience.