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Unity Asset Store Passes 1 Million Developers In 4 Years

In four years of existence, the Unity Asset Store has managed to reach over one million developers that use its platform. There’s a sizable sale in commemoration of both its anniversary and the milestone, which features the community’s work.

The sale will go on for ten more days. There are scripts that are sold from as low as $3 to full asset packs and other items that run up to more than $50, though nothing exceeds the two figure mark.

Since its inception, the Unity Asset Store has amassed users and success quickly. In just its first three months, over ten thousand users were listed on the site.

In its first quarter, the top contributor was able to make $15,000. Since then, that figure has climbed to a more impressive $30,000 a month for the top sellers.

The Unity Asset Store is a collection of works from developers who put up things like models, music and other technical content to help others. Instead of having to build everything from scratch themselves, other developers can use the store to buy a shortcut that helps save time and resources.

Unity has an interesting calculation to note how time and money is saved through its platform. In total, the Unity Asset Store would save the gaming industry $1.4 billion in work per year.

Aside from paying items, the Unity Asset Store also has a range of content that’s put up for free. It also offers models and such, but can additionally be used to pick up free tutorials on how to make games.