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The Elder Scrolls Online Update 1.5.2 Goes Live, Details Inside

The Elder Scrolls Online update 1.5.2 has now gone live. It’s the fifth “major” update since the release of the game earlier this year.

Mainly, devs have added Veteran City of Ash, which is an expansion of the original Dungeon City of Ash.

Facial animations have also been improved so that NPCs look more realistic during conversations. According to Zenimax, they have implemented basic “FaceFX” pipeline, have processed more than 100,000 lines of dialogues and “completed the phoneme creation for all of the races in the game.”

Some Changes have been made to the Veteran Rank as well and instead of Veteran Points, Veteran Rank will now be earned with Experience Points.

“Veteran Ranks are now earned by Experience Points instead of Veteran Points. From this moment on, Veteran Points shall be banished from the land of Tamriel.”

After you have earned a Veteran Rank, you will earn a Skill Point along with an Attribute Point. Players should note that it takes 1,432,550 Experience Point in order to gain a Veteran Rank.

Other changes and additions includes dungeon scaling, solo scaling, crafting, Undaunted Enclaves and more. You can check them all out in detail, by following the link here.