Sunset Overdrive “I Should Get Paid for This” Achievement Guide

While most of the achievements in Insomniac Games’ Xbox One exclusive title Sunset Overdrive are pretty straightforward and easy to acquire, there are some which need a little bit of extra work.

One such example is beating the Buck’s Revenge High Score for the “I Should Get Paid for This” achievement. The achievement requires players to beat the Insomniac QA’s high score of 534,080 in the challenge “Buck’s Revenge”.

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Sunset Overdrive ‘I Should Get Paid For This’ Achievement Tips

One key thing is that before attempting it, players must have completed large portion of the game, at least half of it though it would be even better if they have completed the campaign since they will need Level 5 weapons and high level overdrives.

The weapons which would be most suitable for this achievement are:

  • Dirty Harry (stun rounds)
  • Acid Sprinkler
  • Turret Copter
  • TNTeddy (nuke explosions)
  • Pulse Mine/ Proximity Mine

The level 4 Overdrives which will come in handy are:

  • Plus/Minus (helpful in collecting health pick ups)
  • OD Rival
  • Weapon Damage – Deployables
  • Weapon Damage – Single-shot
  • Ammo Capacity – Single-shot
  • OD Killer

The challenge, Episode # 3: Buck’s Revenge is located near the Fargathian Base so players can fast travel to it and purchase ammo to make sure they attempt the achievement with full ammo.

The objective kill order for the achievement is like this:

  • Melee Kills (5/10/15)
  • Grind Kills (10/15/20)
  • OD Spawner Kills (1/2/3)
  • Bounce Kills (5/10/15)
  • Undergrind Kills (5/10/15)
  • OD Mugger Kills (2/4/6)
  • Pyro Geyser Kills (10/15/20)

The melee round should be pretty simple. A ground smash can be extremely helpful in the later stages to kill a large number of enemies at once.

Using deployables like Acid Sprinklers or Turret Copters are key to securing quick kills in the Grind Kills portion, where players can use the garden railing to grind.

Too many sprinklers close to each other would just be a waste of ammo so players should deploy one sprinkler near each group of OD and then finish them off with a TNTeddy.

The OD Spawners are also very easy to kill with a Dirty Harry. 2-3 shots should easily do it granted the players are in proper range.

Thankfully there is a little bit of time between spawns in which players can rush to the spawn points. The Bounce Kills can be completed easily if players bounce on a car in the middle of the street right below a wire.

Deployables like Acid Sprinklers and Turret Copters are really useful here. Bouncing on this specific car will allow players to quickly start the next part of the achievement as well once the Bounce Kills are complete.

The wire overhead can quickly be used to go into Undergrind while the deployables from Bounce kills should still be active and do the job for players.

If however the deployables run out, TNTeddy should be used here to kill a large number of enemies quickly. The OD Mugger Kills portion is the most frustrating and challenging one.

While the spawn points of Muggers is almost always the same, they move in a different pattern which can make it confusing and waste a lot of time.

Players have to get on a high rail with a Dirty Harry equipped since that is the most deadly weapon against Muggers. A TNTeddy can be useful too in close range but Dirty Harry is the best bet.

Players need to be on their toes at all times and rush the spawn point before the Muggers start jumping all around the place. If the enemies jump away from the spawn, a lot of time could be wasted.

As soon as the last Mugger dies, players can use Dash to reach the nearest Pyro Geyser (which should be near the bridge) and keep bouncing on it as the kill count increases.

Once the Pyro kills are done, players can use a ground smash to kill a large number of enemies at once and repeating it multiple times.

The last phase of the Mugger Kills where you have to kill 6 of them is almost impossible so it’s better to just ignore them at this stage and rake up points by using a TNTeddy on smaller enemies on the ground and reach the score limit as well as increase Kill Streak that way.

Going for Muggers on this phase would just waste a lot of precious time and it is highly likely players will fail. Following these tips should easily help players reach a score count way higher than the required one for achievement.