Soul Knights With Disgaea And Final Fantasy Devs On Kickstarter

Some Japanese roleplaying game (RPG) veterans have bonded together for an independent project, called Soul Knights. It’s currently on Kickstarter, looking for $60,000 in funds.

Soul Knights is a turn-based strategy title, played on two opposing grids. Each formation holds certain unit types that have to make use of the rows they’re currently standing in.

There’s a front, middle and last row. Each has their function, with the first row being intended for melee combat, while archers can take the second line, as the back is intended to heal characters.

Units affect different areas, which makes up the tactical puzzling element in Soul Knights. For instance, shielded units can protect directly in front and in their back, while healers work horizontally in the row itself.

To ensure survival, units can move around. This is done in a rotation system.

Areas in Soul Knight can be unlocked by first beating a number of units, after which a boss battle ensues. Some encounters could see larger units bypass row rules, due to their size.

Cooperative play in Soul Knights will divide the grid vertically. This means that each player still controls a front, middle and back row, but only for a few spaces.

Soul Knights’ director is Toshihiko Kojima, who has previously worked on the Disgaea franchise, a flagship in the strategy RPG genre. Technical direction is handled by Hayato Kose, whose prior work includes Final Fantasy XIII and XIV.

Visuals for Soul Knights may seem familiar as it’s being created by Teruhiko Imaizumi of cult classic Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger VS Darkdeath Evilman. Illustrator Yusuke Matsuda from the Summon Night franchise will provide art as well.

Soul Knights looks toward mobile devices due to budget restraints, for now. A PC and console version is part of some elevated stretch goals.