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Yup, Pools In The Sims 4 Are Back, For Free


When The Sims 4 launched, many worried that publisher Electronic Arts would ship cut content piece by piece for profit. At least one of those major omissions can be scrapped from your list of fears, as swimming pools will make their way to the game in a free update.

Pools have been a long-standing tradition in the murder of Sims, done with the removal of any exits while the character is in the pool. Once more, death by drowning will become possible in The Sims 4, which also might result in a special water-type ghost.

Moreover, Sims can sit on the side of the pool now, which wasn’t an option before. Those who feel mischievous can also pee in the water, though it might be upsetting to others.

Another important update EA performs on The Sims 4 pools is the ability to build them wherever in the house. Previously, construction was only available as a subterranean fixture.

Pools can be constructed on multiple floors and even the depth can be adjusted by adjusting wall heights. It’s also possible to make the pool all shiny by placing windows on its edges.

The Sims 4

In talks with Kotaku, Ryan Vaughan of The Sims explained that there will also be new career paths next month. These will be free as well.

Two careers are divided as Business and Athletic. Respectively, these paths can branch off as management or investor and bodybuilder or professional athlete.

The Sims 4 was criticized upon release for radically altering the model of its predecessor. Another change that upset fans, which is less likely to be rectified, was a reintroduction of frequent load times when changing the scene, instead of a fully open neighborhood.