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Moon Chronicles May Be Headed To Wii U

Developer Renegade Kidd may be working on a Moon Chronicles port for Wii U. Previously, the game launched on Nintendo 3DS as an episodic title, which is currently still in the process of being finished.

In a recent Twitter message, the game asks the community to share their interest in a Kickstarter campaign for a Wii U version of Moon Chronicles:

Moon Chronicles is one of the only first-person shooters on 3DS. In general, it’s one of Nintendo’s small range of shooters.

In fact, Renegade Kidd holds the genre high on handheld. In itself, Moon Chronicles is a remake of Moon on the original DS.

Additionally, the developer has a cult following, which is strongest within the Nintendo platforms it usually caters to. Titles like Mutant Mudds have come out on other consoles as well.

There would be a challenge to overcome in regards to a Kickstarter success though. In a previous effort, the developer tried to make horror game Cult County, which failed miserably, despite their backing.

Since then, Renegade Kidd managed to regain its rights to the Dementium series, which is another rare Nintendo horror game. We might see more on that once the small team finishes work on its other titles, which also includes Treasurenauts and Xeodrifter.

Moon Chronicles has three episodes to go. Renegade Kidd has sent the game’s continuation for Nintendo approval.