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Little Big Planet 3: Swoop and Oddsock Get Their Own Introductory Trailers

Sony has released a couple of new trailers featuring two new playable characters from the upcoming Little Big Planet 3. We already know who these characters are as they have been previously announced as Oddsock and Swoop.

However, they both have now received their own introductory trailers.

One of the footage shows Swoop, who is a bird and can freely fly around levels and is able to pick up other light characters and objects.

The second footage features Oddsock, he has four legs and somewhat looks like a dog, he can run much faster compared to our beloved Sackboy and is also able to perform wall jumps and slides.

Apart from these two characters we have a third one as well, who will help out Sackboy in his adventures across the game.

The character is known as Toggle and he was featured in his own introductory trailer last week. Toggle is large and heavy character. He can weigh down pressure plates and platforms without breaking a sweat. He can also transform into a mini version of himself called Little Toggle.

Little Big Planet 3 will be available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 starting November 18 in North America.