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Get PlayStation 4, GTA 5, TLOU Remasterd for $400 this Black Friday

It is that time of the year again. We are around three weeks away from the Black Friday 2014 and retailers have started to list their discount offers now and then. The one that I came across today brings you Sony’s latest console with two of the most successful titles of the season.

For a price of $399.99 you will be able to get your hands on PlayStation 4, Grand Theft Auto 5 as well The Last of Us Remastered!

Just for a comparison, if you were to compare the prices, these three items would have cost you around $519 if you had purchased either one of them separately. This means you will be saving $120.

That is not the only offer that is being made under the Black Friday deals. The Xbox One fans have not been left out either, though the offering has different games.

According to the listing, an Xbox One Holiday Bundle is also going to be available where you will get the console along with Assassin’s Creed Unity as well as Assassin’s Creed Black Flag for a price tag as low as $329.99.

Again if you compare this price with the original price of these three items, they would have cost you around $399.99, so you will be saving $70 on this.

Of course there are going to be many other Black Friday deals that you would find lucrative but I am sure there are going to be the two that you would be considering.

What do you think of the price tags? Also, do let us know if there are any other discount offers that you have come across in the comments below.