Dragon Age Inquisition Gets 1Hr Long Gameplay, Screenshots

When you are this close to something this big, it is a little tough for fans and journalists alike to ignore anything; and we would certainly not miss out on giving you a chance to see one whole hour of Dragon Age Inquisition!

In the video above you get to see the world of Dragon Age Inquisition at its best. The video takes you through the game with different characters, shows off multiple combat sequences and sheds a lot (lot!) of light on the storyline.

Obviously, if you want to go in to a completely new experience you might not want to watch the video, but check it out if you are one of the curious ones like me.

BioWare has also released a long list of screenshots featuring an array of interesting things from characters to common enemies and battle sequences to boss fights. You can check them out below.

Other than that, two big news regarding the state of the game recently have been that it has gone gold on all platforms as of November 1 and that you can now preorder and pre download the title for Xbox One.

Dragon Age Inquisition will be out in the markets in a fortnight for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 ad Xbox One. The official release dates are November 18, 20, 21 and 27 for North America, Australia, European Union and Japan respectively.