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Dota 2 Update Reworks Broadcaster Voice Audio in Dota TV

We all have a special place among our timetables reserved for spectating some of the important matches in Dota 2. However, the feature offering the spectator mode i.e. Dota TV has not been something that everyone could enjoy with equal levels of ease.

One issue with the service was in the way the broadcaster voice audio worked and replayed. People would sometimes complain about a less than desirable audio syncing. This happened specially due to latency as well as situations where packet loss of higher levels was expected.

The latest Dota 2 update has addressed some of these issues so that the players can view matches in a more fun experience through the Dota TV service.

Developers have shared just a single lined changelog for the said update on the official website as well as the Steam page:

Reworked how broadcaster voice audio is managed in DotaTV and replays to keep audio more in sync and also improve the experience when variable latency or high packet loss are involved.

I am sure that people who are suffering from a lower bandwidth would be glad about this.

However, the audio bitrate is also a problem and the term ‘reworking’ doesn’t clearly say whether they have done anything about that in the Dota 2 update.

That being said, in the recent days we have reported that there will be no more Hero restrictions in Captain’s Draft anymore, as well as the match fixing scandals that engulfed the community in past couple of days.

Have you been making use of the Dota TV feature for spectating? Do you think that the efforts being made by Valve can put it in a better shape than before?