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Destiny Iron Banner Event Taken Down After Only A Few Hours

Destiny Iron Banner, the special competitive event with armor and damage ratings had returned to the game only recently. However, it ran for only a couple of hours before Bungie pulled the plug on the event for unknown reasons.

All the bounties etc. are gone as well and so far the developer has not shared any reason as to why it only lasted for such a short period.

However, it is a speculation that maybe they started the event too soon and weren’t really ready with all the promised improvements over the last run. May be it will return later with all the expected changes.

Among the exotic gear that it would have brought you for purchase using the crucible marks, there was Iron Regalia Great Helm (helmet), Iron Regalia Greaves (leg armor), Felwinter’s Lie (shotgun) and Jolder’s Iron Sash (titan mark).

The event was going to bring you six different bounties:

  • Anvil of Light (IB Rep +75, Experience +3750) – Defeat 50 Guardians
  • Iron Embrace (IB Rep +100, Experience +5000) – Defeat 20 Guardians with Melee
  • Rise Above (IB Rep +100, Experience +5000) – Finish off with highest scores
  • Exacting Measures (IB Rep +100, Experience +5000) – Manage 15 headshot sprees
  • The Chaos and the Calm (IB Rep +100, Experience +5000) – Get 30 machine gun headshots
  • Heavy Metal (IB Rep +100, Experience +5000) – Manage 15 machine gun sprees

Among the sigils and shades that are going to be on offer with the Destiny Iron Banner Event, you have Million Million Shader, Gold Spiral Shader, Sigil of the Iron Lords and Sigil of the Radegast.

So far we don’t know when Destiny Iron Banner would return to the game but we advise that you stay put and check for more information later.