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Advanced Warfare Performance Analysis: Xbox One More Consistent Than PS4 in FPS

Digital Foundry has revealed its performance analysis of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Both the versions (Xbox One and PS4) have been compared to see who comes out on top.

Developer Sledgehammer Games have already confirmed that Advanced Warfare runs at 1320x1080p on Xbox One, which is upscaled to full 1920x1080p. However, the game uses a dynamic scaling system which allows the game to run at a native 1920x1080p in some sections of the game’s single player campaign, when the action isn’t intense.

Also, the multiplayer side of things remain constant at a native 1320x1080p on Xbox One.

Furthermore, PS4 version of the game has no issues running Advanced Warfare at a native 1920×1080 across the entire game but it seems as though that native resolution came at a price.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare suffers from occasional frame-rate drops on Sony’s latest home console. The game dips between 50 to 60 frames per second and goes as low as 48Fps during some sections.

Regardless of that issue, Digital Foundry announced their final verdict and stated:

“Overall, the final game is a satisfying upgrade from the previous builds we’ve played on the Microsoft console. Up until now, the PlayStation 4 version remained an enigma. Running at 1080p, its presentation remains king of course, while Microsoft’s hardware only occasionally shifts up to that resolution, typically in less demanding areas.”

I would have liked the game’s frame rate to be locked at 60 but still, it’s not a deal breaker for me and I am loving my time with Advanced Warfare. What about you? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Digital Foundry