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Advanced Warfare to Outsell Ghosts, Says Activision Publishing CEO

Well, it could be that all the analysts in the gaming industry are not looking clearly or the same could be the case with Activision Publishing chief executive officer Eric Hirshberg. This is so because their statements regarding the expected sales of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare are contrasting.

On one hand, we have some of the known analysts like Colin Sebastian of R.W. Baird & Co and Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia both believe that the sales of Advanced Warfare are going to go down in the coming weeks eventually landing it short of what COD Ghosts had pulled off last year.

While on the other hand Hirshberg is positive about outselling the predecessor with the latest iteration in the shooter series:

We see purchase intent well above last year and we see engagement with the brand in social media channels all being markedly up, so I’m still optimistic.

Preorders are a good barometer for day one, but I don’t think they reflect the overall demand for the product. [They] don’t represent what they used to – because of the move to digital and all the ways people can buy the game.

He referred to preorders because most of the estimates given by analysts are based on them. According to him, many are based on figures from a single retailer making them less than reliable information.

Of course preorders are just a start and things can change as we progress in the coming weeks but don’t you think that the analysts are aware of that already?

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Do you think Call of Duty Advanced Warfare has enough juice to outsell Ghosts?