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Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy Plus is Coming to 3DS

Fans of air combat and fighter jets would remember Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy. The title was released back in 2011 as a Nintendo 3DS exclusive and was met with mostly positive reviews.

Now, if you were looking forward to some renewed fun, Namco Bandai games have announced that a remade version of the game is being developed for the same platform. Only this time it is called Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy Plus – talk about game names that are easy to remember.

According to the reports we have received, Access Games will be redoing the game in order to give you an enhanced version. It is still based on the original game but the developers are going to add new features to give it a fresh feeling.

To turn the excitement up another notch, Access Games will be working on collaborations with famous Nintendo franchises like Mario. Now we are not sure how a playable Mario will fit in with the game but at least jet designs based on the collaborations is something you can expect.

Moreover, the new version of the game is also going to make use to the 3D features of the New Nintendo 3DS along with the additional buttons that the handheld comes with.

I am sure the additional buttons are going to be of great help to the players in the gameplay.

Expect Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy Plus to be out on Nintendo 3DS in Japan on January 29 next year. So far that is all we have with regards to the title but stay tuned as we will fill you in on whatever the developers share next.