WWE 2K15: Use Superstar Studio to Upload Your Facial Likeness

2K Sports has announced Superstar Studio, a new feature for WWE 2K15 that will allow players to upload an image of themselves to be used as the facial model for their created Superstar.

Think of it as a new texture being applied to the face, much like how texture artists performing skinning to their 3D models. Upon uploading your image, the game will then allow you a bit of editing freedom to fit the image on to the face of your Superstar in order to generate a customized appearance.

The game’s art director Lynell Jinks has advised everyone to use a photo editing software like Photoshop to create transparency after taking an image of themselves. You can see why in the trailer above.

The Superstar Studio feature will also allow you to create customized tattoos that can be placed on the body of your Superstar. Similar to the face, players will need to upload images of their design and then fit them wherever they please.

In the video above, Jink’s character has a pretty cool looking Hulk Hogan tattoo on his torso.

Many were expecting 2K Sports to drop in facial scanning like that of NBA 2K15. Maybe the studio will keep that for the next installment in the WWE franchise. I like how giving players the ability to accurately recreate themselves within a sports game is kind of becoming a norm now.

WWE 2K15 was released over a week ago for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.